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Stretch Moves provides scientifically-proven services to support injury prevention, athletic performance and everyday wellbeing. All of our services are rooted in an understanding of your unique movements and the neurology behind it. We start with a full-body movement assessment to help design a program catered to your body and neurological system. We offer individual programs, small group and team programs. We are excited to share our experience and passion with you to help you train smarter and move better.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is pain-free, gentle stretching performed on a massage table that targets fascia, the connective tissue that stabilizes and separates muscles. The goal of FST is to increase range of motion, improve flexibility and balance, and reduce stiffness. The effects of FST can last longer than traditional massage because fascial stretching involves movement and release in areas that cannot be reached by traditional hand manipulation.

From professional and youth athletes to weekend warriors, golfers and mothers constantly picking up their children, everyone who moves can benefit from FST stretch therapy. Over training, trauma, poor posture and repetitive movements can all lead fibers of the fascia to thicken, shorten and become taught, hindering the body’s ability to move efficiently. Damage to the fascia causes fatigue and the development of compensation habits, such as favoring one leg or shrugging your shoulders when carrying heavy loads. Such compensations increase your risk of injury and impact your performance on the athletic field and in daily life by creating muscle imbalance and loss of flexibility, joint mobility, and muscle power. An initial FST flexibility assessment and session typically lasts between 65-75 minutes, follow-up sessions are around 60 minutes, however 90 minute sessions are available upon requests.

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Strength Training

The goal of our customized strength training programs is to educate and develop a strong foundation in order to achieve the high level skills required to play sports. We teach by videotaping and correcting faulty movement mechanics and improving footwork fundamentals as well as body positioning to avoid a non-contact injury. Our multi-disciplined approach to athletic balance and development, teaches athletes how to safely, quickly and effectively stop, change direction, and accelerate in a new direction. These skills help prevent injuries by training athletes to make smart moves, not impulsive ones.

Next we focus our training on speed and agility, both key traits in exceptional athletes. These skills require strength, core endurance, coordination, and explosive power, which translate to excellence on the field or court. We host this program one on one, in small groups, and with teams. Because a major component of performance is recovery, we train with athletes’ game schedules in mind allowing for adequate post-game recovery time. Many athletes supplement our athletic performance program with Fascial Stretch Therapy to encourage faster recovery and to avoid overuse injuries.

Stretch Mobility Stick Services

Stick Mobility

Stick Mobility is a new training system using a specially designed 7-foot stick as a tool to help increase range of movement and body strength, improve balance and posture, and heighten body awareness. The stick, used to create stability and resistance, helps you achieve new ranges of motion you would not normally be able to reach and apply tension in new positions. Using poses and movements similar to those found in yoga, our classes are simple and effective, helping you access and strengthen new areas of your body. While activating your joints and core, Stick Mobility will teach you efficient movements that unlock and open tight areas of your body and highlight the areas you need to strengthen to access your full potential.

Coaches Jose and Jenn at Stretch Moves are the only two Certified Stick Mobility Movement Specialists in the DC, MD, VA region. With a simple stick we can help everyone move better, increase athletic fitness, break free from injury, and address the negative effects of smart phones (texter’s neck), and hours spent sitting.

Muscle Recovery

Active Recovery Sessions help flush out toxins brought on by athletic performance and exercise. These tools give athletes a proactive stance in their recovery, getting them back in the game healthier and smarter. Sessions include the use of various tools, including:

  • Marc Pro: By comfortably flushing out waste and delivering nourishment to your muscles, Marc Pro is a drug-free way to combat soreness and fatigue.
  • Juvent micro impact vibration plate: By standing on the platform, thousands of soothing, gentle pulses travel up and through your body. The impulses passively exercise your bones and muscles, increase blood flow, relieve pain, and increase strength. This promotes natural joint motion and health, and promotes circulation
  • Elevated Legs: Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Technology for Sports Recovery. With the pneumatic compression pump these recovery boots dramatically speed up how your body naturally flushes out toxins, and promotes increased blood flow which leads to faster recovery.