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Welcome to Stretch Moves Muscle Recovery. We are here to help you take care of your body and mind using highly effective, proven services. Each individual is treated as such, with a training and recovery plan based around your specific needs and goals.

Our coaches look at movement through a different lens, both on the field and in daily life, by understanding the body and the neurology that drives it. Whether you are a youth looking to stand out from the crowd, an elite athlete looking to set a personal record, or a mature adult looking to improve flexibility and mobility, we are here to bring you back into balance.

Meet Your Coach – Jose Rodrigo Chacon

Stretch Moves Owner Jose Chacon

Jose Rodrigo Chacon opened Stretch Moves in 2006 to teach athletes how to compete, perform, and train to minimize injuries from overuse and poor mechanics. Jose aims to do more than help clients heal, he trains them to keep from getting hurt again.

He has worked with numerous elite soccer clubs in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Since 2010 he has been the strength and conditioning coach at Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) in VA where he has helped elite soccer players go on to play at top universities, including Stanford, Princeton, UVA, Penn State, Wake Forest, NC State, William & Mary, and many others. He has also worked with pro athletes in MLB, NFL and US women’s national soccer team.

Stick Mobility Movement Specialists Jose Chacon stretching on a Stretch Mobility orange stick

Jose is a Certified Speed and Agility Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist, through the Internal Youth Conditioning Association. In addition, he is a Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist through the Stretch to Win Institute, Movement Re-education Specialist through Z Health, and a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. He studied Exercise Physiology at George Mason University.

Jose is now taking his performance training and injury prevention to a new level through the use of functional neurology from Z Health to assess movement, restore lost range of motion, and relieve pain. By working with the three major components the human brain relays on for information, the eyes, inner ear, and proprioception (ability to communicate with our joints in space), Jose works to increase your ability to move and function in everyday activities, not just on the field or court.

Meet Your Coach – Jennifer Tillman

Stick Mobility Movement Specialists Jennifer Tillman

Long interested in finding a way to share her passion for fitness with others, Jennifer Tillman found her niche while working to gain back her body confidence and strength after the birth of her children. Now, Jennifer and her partner, Jose, are the only certified Stick Mobility Movement Specialists in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Jennifer hosts Stick Mobility classes each week and sees clients on a regular basis for one-on-one work.

“Having children can turn your life upside down in the most wonderful of ways. But for me, it also wreaked havoc on my body,” Jennifer says.

After her first cesarean section, Jennifer noticed lower back pain when she worked out, vacuumed or even picked up her son from his crib. Working to get back in shape by jogging and swinging kettlebells, she found her cardiovascular endurance improved, but still the back pain persisted.

After the birth of her second son, Jennifer worked to design a better rehabilitation plan, incorporating moves to strengthen her core. She spent time in Pilates classes, jogged more frequently, and continued her strength training regimen. Despite all her hard work, she felt her body needed more. Then her partner, coach and trainer Jose Chacon, tossed her a Mobility Stick.

Stick Mobility Movement Specialists Jennifer Tillman stretching on a Stretch Mobility orange stick

“The first move I did was the easiest move to do with the sticks: pelvic tilts. I hadn’t felt the muscles that deep in my pelvis and abdomen since before I’d gotten pregnant with my oldest child. Needless to say, I was hooked,” she says.

Jennifer began using the mobility sticks any time she had a free minute, starting first with simple moves, then gradually building up to more advanced moves as her strength improved. When Jose told her that he was attending a Mobility Stick certification class, she decided to take the next step on her fitness journey by becoming a certified Stick Mobility Movement Specialist.

Jennifer’s dedication to her own health and wellness is the same dedication she gives to her clients. No two classes are the same for her or her clients. The more Jennifer learns, the more she passes along to her clients.

Contact Jennifer to learn more about how she can help you increase your full body strength and functional range of motion, improve posture and stability, and enhance body awareness. Whether you’re postpartum, retired, an athlete, or just interested in working with a trainer who understands your needs, contact Jennifer at Stretch Moves.